Play PSP,PS3 & XBOX Games On Android Smartphone For Free

We all love games. In the recent years the PSP and PS3 games have got tremendous response. We are also very much aware of the importance of the smartphones of our lives. It has been a decade since the smartphones have taken over. Both the PSP games and the android smartphones have risen together.


They form an important aspects of our lives which we simply can’t ignore or deny. Those who are very interested in smartphones are also very enthusiastic about playing games more often. The android smartphones are the best and till this date there is no competition with the android, very much like the Xbox and the PSP games. Almost every people in every corner of the world loves to use the Android based smartphones. Would not it be better if there is a way to play the PSP, PS3 games in your android smartphone? Now you can be rest assured that there is indeed a way to do so.

You would be getting all the easy steps to download and install the PSP, PS3 and also the Xbox games in your very own smartphones.


If you must know, the basic difference between every smartphones is their internal configuration. As we all know the smartphones generally start form the 4k to anywhere up to 55k. You can even download the whatsapp but at times it may not be that useful for you. Below we would be providing the tutorial to download the games on to your android smartphone. We are pretty much sure that this would be proving worthwhile to most of you.

You do not require the help of any cracking tool to download and play these xbox or the psp games. You can also be rest assured that there would be no single threat to your smartphone at all.

The basic steps to download the application to your PC




Step 1: Firstly you need to download the particular simulator or the commonly emulator called ppsspp. You can download it from the android market and it is available for free. After it is downloaded you can easily play those Xbox or the PSP games in your favourite phone.


Step 2: After you have downloaded the emulator you can watch as the apk file starts.


Step 3: So once you have a particular name of any game which you wish to play you can just enter the name of the game and search for it on the emulator.

Step 4: You can even set up the controls according to your wish.

Step 5: You can use your torrent source as a tool for downloading any of the psp or the xbox games on the pc.

Step 6: After you have installed the emulator you can easily see the folder of the emulator in my files.


Step 7: You can just paste the xbox or the psp game file in that particular folder and can just start playing.

You need to keep this in mind that in order to play the high quality games you need to have a dual core processor and at least about 1 GB of Ram. Please do note that without the necessary configurations you won’t be able to play the games. The games might not even run and moreover it may not interest you at all.

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