Doodle Jump was available for PC’s and other consoles long time ago and now the game is also available for Android smartphones and tablets at Google Play Store. Doodle Jump is the by far the best and most downloaded arcade game in Google Play Store. Start your journey on a sheet of a graph paper and jump from one platform to another and reach at the top of the graph paper in Doodle Jump. The game comes with many power ups which you can use for reaching at the top of the sheet and making high scores.

DOODLE JUMP FOR PC(WINDOWS7/8), MAC & SMARTPHONEDoodle Jump is one of the most addictive games which you can find in Google Play store. The game is optimized not only for Android smartphones but also for Android tablets. Playing the game is very easy, simply tilt your device to move left or right and tap on the screen so that you can shoot.

Features of Doodle Jump

DOODLE JUMP FOR PC(WINDOWS7/8)Let’s have a look at features of Doodle Jump which make one of the most downloaded and addictive games for Android devices.

  • Play in different worlds. Doodle Jump comes with different locations or worlds in which you can play the game. Some of the worlds which you will find in Doodle Jump are Ninja Space, Underwater, Jungle Soccer, Snow, Halloween, Easter, Pirates and Frozen Ice. New environments are unlocked as you will progress in the game and with new updates, new worlds are added.


  • Doodle Jump comes with many power-ups which will help you in making high scores and covering higher distances. Some of the power ups which you can use in Doodle Jump are Propeller hats, trampoline, Jet packs and rockets.
  • It is not easy to play the game as you will come across many obstacles in Doodle Jump. Make sure you don’t get caught in these obstacles as they will finish the game. You will come across UFO’s, monsters and even black holes in the game.


  • Jump on different platforms so that you can play the game as long as you can. You will find many different platforms in Doodle Jump such as disappearing, moving, blocking, exploding, shifting etc. Different platforms server different purposes.
  • Connect with leaderboards and find out where you stand among your friends.
  • You will also come across ice blocks in the game. Smashing the ice blocks will bring you power ups.
  • Doodle Jump is optimized for big resolution devices and thus allows you to play the game on Android tablets too.

Pros/Cons of Doodle Jump

  • Available for mobile platforms.
  • Option to play in different game modes.
  • Challenge mode where you can challenge your friends.
  • No soundtrack.
  • Really addictive.

Doodle Jump is not only available for Android devices, but is also available for other mobile platforms. The download links of Doodle Jump for different mobile platforms is shared below.

Download Doodle Jump for iOS
Download Doodle Jump for Android
Download Doodle Jump for Windows Phone

Click Here to Play Doodle Jump on PC/MAC

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